Even the smallest donation goes a long way to helping save lives in Berkshire

We have to spend around £20,000 every year just to keep our Search & Rescue service on the road.

This doesnt include spending money on the upkeep or replacement of equipment or sending our members on external training courses to develop their skills. The team has a long history of fundraising through events but times are getting ever tighter, fuel, insurance and equipment costs keep rising and it is a constant battle to bring in the necessary funds to survive.

 The money we raise is mainly spent on :

  • Insurance
  • Rent
  • Vehicles (upkeep)
  • Fuel
  • Basic safety clothing (it costs £250 to equip and train each new member we recruit)

We dont receive any government assistance and our members, who are all volunteers, spend their own money on fuel and outdoor equipment.

We work very hard every year to bring in the additional funds we need to run the service however we need your support to get the extra we need to develop and enhance what we offer.

Your donations (whether personal or coporate) could be used to:-

  • Send members of advanced search & rescue skills courses
  • Develop our flood response service
  • Send members on advanced first aid courses
  • Purchase a new support vehicle (our old one is on its last legs)
  • Upgrade our IT systems and digital mapping

To get involved use the links on the right hand side. Your help and support is invaluable to us.

How you can help


Personal Donations Just £1 could make all the difference and saves lives


Corporate Sponsorship Community support, positive advertising for your company, saving lives!


Give your time Time is just as valuable as money.
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