Andy YoungMy name is Andy Young and I am currently the Training Officer. I have been a member of BLSAR since October 2012 and am qualified as a search technician and on my way to qualifying as a first aider. I am also part of the Flood First Responders team which will support RBFRS.

I am an ex- Police Inspector having worked for Thames Valley Police for 30 years. During this time I spent several years as a Reactive Inspector who has responsibility for managing enquiries and searches for high risk missing people from the police perspective. On several occasions in this role I have co-ordinated with the Police Search Adviser (POLSA) and called upon the services of BLSAR< and worked with them. As I approached retirement I recognised that I would need to occupy some of the time that I spent at work, and wishing to do something useful for the community I decided to join BLSAR. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a member of BLSAR. They are a very sociable and dedicated group of individuals who are prepared to give up their time, often a lot of it, to help others.

I have also found that my policing and interpersonal skills have been useful in attending events which help to raise the profile of BLSAR, an actually run the events. Such events as the Bracknell half-marathon, Twyford Christmas show and the Thames Valley Police open days are good examples of this.

Since retiring I have also completed, like several other members of BLSAR, a teaching qualification so that the delivery of training to other BLSAR members, and those from other teams, can be as professional and effective as we can make it.