Berkshire Search and Rescue work closely with local Berkshire councils and emergency services as a Category 1 responder, support organisation (CCA 2004)

Berkshire Search and Rescues main role is in support of the emergency services in Berkshire by providing a disciplined, organised and well-trained group of people to aid in the searching of a given area for persons/survivors involved in a major emergency.

However SEBEV SAR will also assist Local Authorities directly. The Local Authorities will activate SEBEV SAR for support. Immediate first aid and rescue/recovery may also be tasks that they will be requested to carry out. Our members can also be utilised for stewarding / security purposes at a Survivor Reception Centre, Mass Care Shelter or Rest Centre.

Our main role in support of the emergency services is to provide a disciplined, well organised and highly trained group of people to aid in the search of any given area for survivors involved in a major emergency. We fit seamlessly into a response plan by working within the incident command structure which is what we train for. Although we operate primarily under the control of Thames Valley Police, during times where resources are stretched we are able to work independently once tasked and be self-sufficient in carrying out that role.

The examples above are not an exhaustive list of our abilities by a long way. The way we train, the way we work, our ability to be self-sufficient when deployed, our communications capability and the years of experience under our belts allows us to adapt and operate in new situations that are thrown upon us. We can aid in the planning as well as in the execution of a task whether responsive or pro-active, remedial or preventative.