Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue (BLSAR)is a vital local organization serving as the primary search resource for Thames Valley Police in Berkshire. Our dedicated team consists of highly trained volunteers with specialized skills focused on locating high-risk vulnerable missing individuals.

As a Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO), we rely solely on charitable donations and fundraising efforts to sustain our operations. Notably, we do not receive any statutory funding, and we are committed to never imposing charges for our Search & Rescue emergency services. Our mission is to provide assistance and support to our community in times of crisis without financial burden.  More


The "Lowland Rescue" mark is a trademark, and "From Hill to High Water" is a registered trademark of the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue.

Lowland Search and Rescue plays a crucial role in the broader landscape of the United Kingdom's Search and Rescue (UK SAR) efforts. It is just one component among various capabilities, including the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, and more. All of these entities share a common charitable structure.

Their primary mission is unified: to locate individuals in distress, potential distress, or those who are missing. Their objective extends to providing initial medical care and addressing other immediate needs, ultimately recovering individuals to a place of safety.

Funding for these operations is primarily sourced from charitable donations, and the backbone of these teams is the dedicated volunteers who selflessly contribute their time and expertise to support those in need.

Lowland Rescue serves as the central governing body that oversees and consolidates all regional Lowland Search and Rescue groups. They establish and uphold national standards and protocols that guide the operations of BLSAR and all other county teams.

Operational members of BLSAR are rigorously trained to meet these national standards and are equipped to assist law enforcement in SAR missions for missing and vulnerable individuals in lowland areas. This includes proficiency in inland water rescue and civil contingency operations. BLSAR teams are capable of functioning independently or collaboratively with other teams, transcending geographical boundaries when needed. Moreover, they are trained to provide advanced medical care and administer appropriate medications when necessary.


BLSAR Mission Statement


Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue (BLSAR) is defined as a Category 1 Responder Support Organisation under the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act and is part of United Kingdom Search and Rescue (UKSAR). As a Category 1 Responder Support Organisation we undertake support for Statutory Emergency Services (so called “blue light” services), Local Authorities or other such organisations that may require Search & Rescue or Community Resilience Support, including the NHS and/or healthcare related organisations. 

At the national level, UKSAR is recognised as an organisation which provides critical capability to the UK’s Emergency Services under HM Governments definition of ‘public safety and national security’ organisations and we are classified as ‘key workers’.

Our aims and objectives

Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue is dedicated to providing a Search & Rescue service and Community Resilience Support to the residents of Berkshire.  Our goals are to:

  1. Work in collaboration with the statutory authorities either through existing Memoranda of Understanding or in response to major or critical incidents as declared by the Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum (TVLRF)
  2. Provide a quality, professional and expedient service to persons in distress, provide for their initial medical or other immediate needs, and deliver them to a place of safety, minimise loss of life and suffering, injury, and property damage
  3. Work collaboratively alongside other Lowland Rescue teams when required
  4. Respond to Search & Rescue and Community Resilience Support requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without charge for our volunteer service during the response phase of declared emergencies

BLSAR New Charitable Status

On Saturday 1st July 2023 the charitable status of BLSAR changed from Deed of Trust (Charity number 1046861) to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) (Charity number 1202260). There are many benefits to this change for the team but there should not be any difference in the day to day running of the team. This change will not reduce our level of service to our partner organisations – Thames Valley Police, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, other statutory emergency authorities and local Search and Rescue teams. 

One of the main benefits is to introduce a new group of people, the Trustees, to support the Leadership Team (LT) in ensuring that the team delivers on its charitable objectives. This provides a clear gap between the Trustees and the LT, and it is the Trustees who will hold the LT to account for decisions made. It is also a great opportunity to develop the team further and to provide a vision for progress


Toutley Depot, Forest Road, Wokingham, 
Berkshire, RG40 5QP
Phone: 0300 321 0384
BLSAR is a member team of Lowland Rescue
BLSAR is a UK registered charity no. 1202260