A generous grant from Morrisons Foundation has allowed the water team to invest in one of the most advanced sonar systems commercially available, the Hummingbird Sonar Helix 15 with 360 Mega imaging.

Sadly Berkshire Lowland Search & Rescue are being increasingly called to search rivers, lakes and ponds for persons reported missing.  The difficulties of searching in water means the team often have to rely on technology. All members of the water team are trained to statutory and national standards. 

Berkshire Lowland Search & Rescue have over the last 4 years trained on and developed the use of sonar technology in the search for missing persons but in that time technology has advanced. 

Not only does the Hummingbird Sonar Helix allow for detailed side scan providing clear imagery but also allows for 360 degree imagery providing a unique view of the river or lake bed increasing the accuracy of target acquisition whilst recording GPS location. 

Mike Rennie, Water Lead for Berkshire Lowland Search & Rescue said “ This technology dramatically improves the capability of the Team and what we can offer to Thames Valley Police and Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue” “ We are extremely grateful to Morrisons Foundation, without their support we would not have access to such technology” “Our Team are training hard to familiarise themselves to make the best use of this outstanding equipment”



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